Wooden pellets for sale

Wooden pellets for sale

Wooden pellets for sale from PILLA SARL company have low ash rate – 0,67 which is real for all the pellets.
Special attention is payed to the moisture rate – 6,74%, which increases the efficiency factor form burning. The moisture ratio is one of the lowest on the Ukrainian market.
Our pellets have a high mechanical durability, which guarantees maximum saving of consistency of the granules even while long-term transportation.
All these quality characteristics form optimal market price and influence on satisfying of clients and international partners

For traders – the guarantee of reputation to our partners.

For final consumers – high effectiveness of our products.

All our customers are permanent clients!
Diameter : 6 mm
Ash content: 0,67%
Length:30 mm
Raw material:Вeech, pine,fir,spruce
Density:650 kg/m3
Caloric value:4830 kcal/kg
Packaging:Bags 15 kg or Big Bag 1000 kg


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