Wood wool for sale

Wood wool for sale


Wood wool for sale,A light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber
Used to keep items safe and secure during transit and storage
Extremely popular with the gift industry and commonly used in hampers
Well-presented solution and offers a high-end finish
Sold in single naturally dried kiln bales that weigh 2.5kg and 10kg

Wood wool, remains one of the leading acoustical-panels in the “eco” category as a high-performing, and cost-effective, sound absorber that manages echo and reverberation.


Wood wool has been around a long time under a variety of names.

 What’s old is still new.  There are many manufacturers  in the world wide, with some recognize brand.

 The others are less familiar, but what they have in common are the same standards of production.  Ecologically speaking,

wood wool is simple to produce, comprised of three fundamental ingredients, wood fiber (also known as excelsior), water and cement.

 As a direct result of this simplicity, wood wool products are able to exceed international VOC emissions standards because they contain no harmful chemicals or binding agents.

They are naturally highly resistant to microbial and fungal growth, which makes them an excellent choice for a wide variety of spaces and applications.

In addition,  they are Class A fire rated and can achieve NRC test results from 0.45 to 0.9.   You can choose products that are FSC certified,

to ensure responsible forestry practices at the source or

those that have been tested to meet the governing standards that your design application demands.


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