White Ash Log for sale

White Ash Log for sale


White Ash Log for sale.White Oak Wood Veneer Flat Cut has a nice grain with cathedrals.Oak Veneer has a pale yellow brown color. Due the grain being so straight it is used a great deal in Mission and Arts, Crafts furniture and architecture and Flat Cut is also known as Plain Sliced or Crown Cut Oak.

– Sapwood is white, beige to light yellow color; Heart wood is white to brown color

– The wood is quite hard and firm

– The grain is straight and regular


– Ash wood is slight, average dried weight is only 680kg/m3

– Good strength and ductility with steam, easy to apply and shape, styling.

– The wood is benign, safe for production and use


kitchen room, bed room. The furniture products are made by Ash wood which make your family space feel modern and youth. Besides, the most advantage is cheap, suitable for every customer



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