Waterproof plywood for sale

Waterproof plywood for sale

Waterproof plywood for sale is suitable in wet rooms such as bathrooms. Are also suitable outdoor, if the sheet is treated with e.g. painting, varnish or oil.

Plywood sheet in birch. A birch plywood sheet is made up of more layers than e.g. a pine plywood sheet. Furthermore, birch plywood is more densely structured and therefore the edges are nicer than those of pine plywood.

A plywood sheet is easy to saw, screw, glue and cut, and is suitable for many DIY purposes such as constructing window sills, shelves and boxes.

The plywood sheet is smooth on both sides.

The grain structure of the sheet is longitudinal.

Available in multiple thicknesses.

All plywood sheets are cut with a circular saw.

Waterproof means that the used glue is a hydraulic glue. If the sheet itself is to be waterproof this requires protection in the form of painting, oil or outdoor varnish.
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