Used EPAL Euro Pallet

Used EPAL Euro Pallet

Used EPAL Euro Pallet – 1200x800x144mm
The used pallet is the most common pallet used in Europe. The EPAL pallet has fixed dimensions of 1200x800x144mm. Known for its high quality ensures the euro pallet reliability and sturdiness. With a dynamic load capacity of 1,500 kilograms, the euro pallet for a heavy burden. The static load carrying capacity is 4000kg. Because the euro pallet has a high payload, the euro pallet in many ways useful. The used pallets are not treated ISPM15 and KD. The ISPM15 certification makes it possible to transport the pallet outside the European Union. We can provide this treatment if needed. The pallet is provided with three carriages and is of the approximate 4-way pallet, and by means of a fork-lift truck.

Load weight up to 1500 kg
4-way entry
Produced according ISPM-15 norm
HT (Heat Treated)
EXPORT pallet


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