Teak Boards for sale

Teak Boards for sale


Teak Boards for sale.Easily worked with both hand and machine tools and dresses to a very smooth finish if tools are kept sharp. Glues moderately well with fresh, clean cut surfcaes despite its oily nature. Naturally durable and weathers well

Information About Teak Lumber


Gib McIlvain standing by Teak logs
Why Teak is the Preferred Wood for Numerous Applications

Gibson McIlvain Company only sells old growth Teak that originates in Southeast Asia.

The lumber is extremely resistant to termites and other infestations. Combined with its strength, high silica content, and naturally-occurring oils, Teak has become a popular choice of lumber for exterior columns, doors, and window frames.

Teak tree
Its golden-brown color and smooth grain allows for attractive interior panels and molding, with the natural oils of the wood eliminating the need for extensive treatment with varnishes or finishing.

The same properties make Teak a quality lumber for the exterior of boats and yachts, as well. Because Teak is a hard wood, the lumber is not as easily worked as others, but it provides a level of stability not found with many other varieties of wood.



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