Straw pellets for sale

Straw pellets for sale


Straw pellets for sale
Quality: 100% straw
Diameter: Ø 8 mm
Package: 20 kg bags or 1000/1100 kg big bags
Humidity: 11-13 %
Color: green to brown
Type of crop: wheat, rape
Purpose of usage: Animal bedding

Straw pellet Production process


The straw pellets  are perfect substitute for natural hay / straw to use as the bedding for horses or other animals. The pellets are easy to pour and economical to transport for longer distance.

Straw pellets have very similar features as natural straw. In production, no additives are used – only the mechanical pressing operation.

Main export markets for the Straw pellets are: Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Finland and Austria.

The straw pellet production starts at the end of field works in summer, usually in last weeks of July.

As the straw has low weight/volume ratio, it is only reasonable to transport it over short distance (~30km).

After turning into the pellet – the same way as with wood pellets – Straw is again suitable to transport over long distances. Pellets have much better weight/volume ratio, but does not loose the function and features. Very important measure in the straw quality that it has to be clean and clear from any chemicals. Although it is not harmful for animals, it is still not recommended to use it as feedstuff in any case. Reason is the rainwater, soaked by straw while it‘s on field – it may have certain amount of dissolved materials.

Although many crops (rape, barley, triticale, rye) can be succesfully pressed into pellets, the most valuable is the wheat. The wheat has light color and good absoption value.

As for heating purpose, the wheat straw pellets are know to produce the least ashes (compared to some other crops, like rape or rye). The straw pellets conform the industry standard norm CEN/TS. Heating values of straw pellets, if used for fuel: