Spruce panels for sale

Spruce panels for sale

Spruce panels for sale.Our goods have been exported to many world market for a long time ago and gained much appreciation and trust from our customers as well as business partners both nationwide and worldwide

Coniferous wood is popular and preferred when discuss cottage style.

Now with the 3-ply panels it could look even modern at the same time.

Clients know that solid wood panels could have their disadvantages such as twisting or warping if not properly protected after processing.¬†Here, the 3-ply panels provide an excellent solution eliminating these “weaknesses” of the plates by natural materials.¬†Each of the three layers is perpendicular to the next one, eliminating any potential internal stress.

Threeply spruce furniture panels are in bigger size in order to be used like “seamless” construction for walls and ceilings or to achieve optimal cutting in production of doors, drawers or wood furniture.

The wood itself remains a “live” material though the previous treatments. This is the reason it is important to treat it properly with the right oils or varnishes to protect it.

We have selected for our customers several main panel sizes, which are useful for different use for furniture and decorative articles.


  • Wooden furniture
  • Panelling for wall and ceiling
  • Construction for wall and ceiling
  • Interior doors, countertop
  • Decorative wood articles


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