Sawn Oak Elements for sale

Sawn Oak Elements for sale

Sawn Oak Elements for sale.The difference between quarter sawn oak wood and flat sawn – also known as plain sawn – oak wood is as simple as how the lumber is cut.
Quarter sawn oak became increasingly popular in the early 20th century as the wood of choice for arts and crafts style pieces.

The construction industry has been using fresh sawn oak as building framework for centuries due to its impressive strength and excellent durability. Fresh sawn oak in ideal circumstances can last up to 35 years and has no problem withstanding huge amounts of pressure.

Another benefit of fresh sawn oak is it will begin to dry over time and lose moisture content which causes the timber to shrink and compress creating a much tougher structure. This process also causes splits and cracks across the length on the wood and ages to a magnificent silver-grey colour giving an elegant, distinguished look. This is a purely cosmetic change and doesn’t affect the robustness of the wood.

Now that we have discussed the advantages of using oak as your building material we can move onto all of the potential projects you can implement oak into.

Frames and beams

First and foremost, the most popular use of fresh sawn oak is as mentioned above, in the construction industry. Builders regard oak as the go-to choice for framework as its one of the most reliable hardwoods you can use.


The shipping industry generally uses fresh sawn oak too. Sailing against heavy crashing waves requires a very sturdy and durable timber fresh sawn oak is the perfect candidate and has no problem keeping sailors afloat.


Fresh sawn oak is particularly popular when used as waney edge cladding due to its pleasant more rustic look. This wont cause any issues if you account for the shrinkage and as a result you have a very cost effective method of cladding.


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