Peeled Posts for sale

Peeled Posts for sale


Peeled Posts for sale.We supply substantial and durable chestnut fencing posts, designed for post and wire fencing, in lengths from 1m to 3m, and with top diameters from 5cm up to 25cm. Chestnut fence posts are available with the bark on or off, with points or blank as required.
Chestnut posts are available either as full rounds, cut from individual coppice poles, or as cleft posts.


Cleft chestnut posts, split by hand from large diameter coppice poles, are cheaper than round posts and just as durable.

As the process of splitting or cleaving follows the natural grain of the wood, the cell structure of the timber remains intact and resistant to rot and fungal infections.

We also supply chestnut straining posts in a variety of lengths and sizes up to 15-20cm tops and 3m long to suit all applications, peeled or with the bark on as required.

Chestnut stakes suitable for supporting and erecting chestnut pale fencing posts are available in lengths from 1.3m up to 2.5m.

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