Oak Timber for sale

Oak Timber for sale


Oak Timber for sale.Orders of more than two metres of any single size will be supplied in random lengths as described above. We recommend adding plenty of extra onto your total combined length requirements to allow for wastage. Sections at a 70mm thickness may be manufactured from more than one piece to ensure stability.

If you would like prices for non-standard sizes or edge-jointed timber, please contact our Sales Office who will be happy to advise you on availability.

Wood Species: Oak

Latin name: Quercus

Type of wood: Hardwood

 Characteristics: You can see more species of oak in the Northern hemisphere; the most common species are sourced in Europe, North America and Japan.

So all oak species are strong. Because they are hard, heavy and dense with very close grain and,but due to their high tannin content, they are very resistant to insect and fungal infestations.


We use Oak is for furniture, joinery, flooring, panelling, decking and veneers.


  • durable, long-lasting wood
  • attractive wood grain
  • less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight
  • good water resistant properties
  • highly resistant to wear and tear
  • stains and polishes well
  • ideal for liming


  • high tannin content and exposure to wet and cold weather can react with oil finishes
  • very heavy wood
  • thin oak veneers can be difficult to protect as finishes can react with adhesive used in the veneering process


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