Oak lumber for sale

Oak lumber for sale

Oak lumber for sale.A classic distinctive grain pattern in a strong and durable wood.oak is a not a bad choice for the beginner woodworker who needs a nice wood that’s tough enough for furniture, yet not too heavy or hard to work with basic tools.

What is oak wood?

Oak wood is a type of hardwood that derives from the oak tree native to the northern hemisphere. There are around 600 species of oak, both deciduous and evergreen.

Oak wood has been used as a hardwood timber for thousands of years, yet it takes up to 150 years before the wood from an oak tree can be used for construction. Modern uses for oak wood include homewares, flooring, wine barrels and firewood.

Properties and qualities

 Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable.
 It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain and is resistant to fungal attack, thanks to its dense constitution and long-living nature, which must equip the tree for its long lifetime.
While oak wood is very long-living, the trees do have an expiry date, and at URBANARA, all our oak products
Thanks to its durable and hard-wearing properties, we use oak for collections that require lasting materials,
like for kitchen accessories and chopping boards, but also in our lighting collections to add an attractive natural aspect.


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