MDF Board for sale

MDF Board for sale


MDF Board for sale
Size:6mm X 1220mm X 2440mm or as per buyer’s
Product details
Depth: 6 mm
Length: 2440 mm
Width: 1220 mm
Weight: 13.396 kg
Moisture Resistant: No
Interior or Exterior Use: Interior
Structural: No
Colour: Brown
Application: Architectural Mouldings,Cabinet Making,Furniture,General DIY,Paneling,Shelving & Bookcases,Shop Fittings,Wardrobes
Type: MDF Sheets

Features & benefits
Uses include joinery, cabinet making, wardrobes, panelling, boxing in, furniture, shelving / bookcases, modelling, dolls’ houses, castles, jigsaws, shop fittings, internal joinery and architectural mouldings
Free of natural defects
Provides a smooth sanded surface for a precision finish
Design provides superior holding for screws and fasteners
FSC Certified
Can be finished with varnish or either oil or water-based paints
Sanding and cutting MDF creates dust. We advise the use of dust masks, eye protection and use of dust extractors on electric saws. Do not cut in confined spaces
Responsibly sourced and E1 emissions compliant
CE marked and compliant with EN13986
Dry process production with fibres treated with resins and wax emulsion, then pressed, cut and cured to form the finished board

MDF  board is one of four main categories of wood-based panels – laminated boards, particle boards, fibre boards and oriented strand boards.

MDF is a type of fibreboard made from wood or other lignocelluloses materials, refined into fibres and reconstituted with a resin binder (glue) at high temperatures. The raw wood material can be in almost any form or species and in almost any mixture such as branches, small-diameter trees, hardwood, softwood, mill waste and forestry waste chips. As such, the recovery rate of the raw material is almost 100%.

MDF has a homogeneous structure with uniform texture and properties throughout. There are no identifiable grains or knots seen at the edge, end or face nor any internal voids or pits or variation in surface hardness.


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