Elements Birch for sale

Price: $6000 Per MT
Color: Natural black
Size: Length:50-100mm
Shape: Whole, broken, powder(5-65 mash)
Moisture: 14% max
Samples: Free or available
Bulk in carton 25kg/woven/craft bag, 40’Fcl:20MT

Elements Birch for sale



 Elements Birch for sale. Bolon’s new Elements flooring collection brings the harmony of the natural world to interior spaces. Discreet and versatile, the 10 designs in the Elements range act as a bridge between objects and their surroundings, demonstrating the positive effect that good design can have on our senses and wellbeing.

The Elements collection launched in February 2018 at Stockholm Furniture Fair and shares the nature-inspired narrative and artisanal appearance of Bolon’s new rug designs.


The collection is available in a grey or beige base, woven into weft threads whose shades evoke materials such as Linen, Oak, Ash, Cork, Birch, Marble, Walnut, Flint, Wool and Silk.

“Its calm, natural aesthetic means it can be used to great effect across large areas, creating a sense of unity in spaces of all sizes,” says Petra Lundblad, Designer at Bolon.

Each of the 10 designs will be available in rolls, 50x50cm tiles, or in Bolon Studio tiles.

Length 500 mm
Width 500 mm


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