Edge glued panels


Edge glued panels



We produce high quality oak, pine and alder wood panels in our own production facilities – edge glued in width and in length lamellas. Company “PILLA SARL” produces two types of panels: full stave and jointed lamellas. The full stave panels are produced of whole solid wood and jointed lamellas panels are produced by lamellas gluing and treatment.

They are relatively wide and thin, produced by laminating narrow pieces of wood along their edges to create products of greater width using glue.

Edge-glued panels are gaining importance as an alternative to non-laminated timber products due to their dimensional stability.

Mostly wood panels are used for:
– furniture elements
– stair treads, risers
– furniture facades
– kitchen countertops
– windowsills
– bed side rails
– finishing panels for restaurants, billiard clubs and other establishments
– cover

Produced dimensions and specifications of wood panels
Type of panel full stave / jointed lath
Class AB / AC, BC, CC
Length (L) from 600 to 1200 mm (whole laths) from 600 to 3000 mm (jointed laths)
Width (B) from 200 to 1200 mm
Thickness (T) 18, 20, 25, 32, 38, 42 mm
Humidity 8-10%
Treatment sanding-P100, P120, P150 – on request
Glue Kiilto, Kleiberit – D3 / D4

Technical information

The finished panel is more stable than a single piece of wood of the same dimensions. It resists warping, cupping and twisting because of the random orientation of the grain in the adjacent pieces.



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