Charcoal Briquettes for sale

Charcoal Briquettes for sale


Charcoal Briquettes for sale.In their simplest form, these are just coal dust that’s compressed into a briquette shape. Usually, though, they’re loaded with a bunch of other stuff: limestone for coloring, sawdust as a filler, borax as a release agent, starch to help bind everything together, and a few other things. They’re cheap, ubiquitous, and reliable


History of Biochar

In Amazonia, a great agricultural civilization fertilized poor forest soils with terra preta, the first biochar, to feed tens of thousands of people.

Today, we are rediscovering the value of biochar as the world staggers under climate change, environmental degradation and human poverty.

What is Biochar?


What remains is pure carbon – 40% of the carbon originally contained in the biomass.


• Bigger yields   • Healthier soil   • Lower acidity   • Better water retention
• Stronger plants   • Richer soil life   • Less contamination   • Higher fertility


​Biochar seems to have no end of uses that derive from a handful of key characteristics.

Tiny holes, huge surface area – retaining water for a dry day

If you look at biochar under an electron microscope, you see an extraordinary moonscape of holes upon holes. What’s this mean? Biochar is an amazing sponge that will hold (absorb) huge amounts of water.

pH of 8 – unlocking even poor soil’s nutrients

As the pH rises, more and more nutrients become available to crops.

Electrically charged surface – very attractive to chemicals

Biochar is attractive to chemicals of all types.

Bug friendly – encouraging soil life

Plants can’t eat their elements raw. No matter how much they need nitrogen, they can’t just suck it up; they need microbes to digest it first and pee it out as nitrates or nitrites. If you look at the root systems of plants, you find all sorts of similar, collaborative relationships.


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