Bed slats for sale

Bed slats for sale

Bed slats for sale
Thikness 8 mm
Lenght 500-1550 mm
Wide 53 mm; 68 mm;
Radius of bend 4 m
Emission class Е1
The company operates under the FCA.

Bed slats are necessary components of beds and sofas of modern design. Material: beech wood.

We offer high quality natural beech bed slats of own production. Our slats can be used in the manufacture of beds, sofas and frame – beds. All bed slats are orthopedic and have relevant certificates of quality.

No matter how comfortable a mattress is, it will not support you correctly if placed on the wrong foundation. If sagging and indentations develop, you may be forced to rest in uncomfortable sleep positions

causing pressure and tension to build up in the muscles, leaving you sore and stiff in the morning.

To get the best sleep possible, it is important to use the right foundation for your mattress.

However, determining whether you need slats or a box spring is often difficult. To help, we outline the differences between these two types of foundations.

What Are Slats?






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