ANTIQUE Oak Planks

ANTIQUE Oak Planks

ANTIQUE Oak Planks.Beautiful Premium reclaimed thick oak boards from the Anatolyian mountains. These thick oak planks were originally the walls of mountain huts, cut and fettled by hand.

These boards have been selected by us as having a relatively flat top surface, suitable for making tables or similar applications, and are available in small and long lengths.

The shorter planks vary between 150 – 200cm long x 10 – 30cm wide x 4 – 6cm deep, there are approx 22sq m of these priced at £140per m2.

A more rustic grade of these planks is available here. Please note being reclaimed wood there will be some old woodworm, splits and holes throughout. Customers should seek advice from their fitters that the wood is suitable for purpose.

Boards sold untreated / uncleaned. The photos show the boards as supplied and also the same boards after a light sanding.
Size: 200cm (l) x 22cm (w) x 5cm (d)


Reclaimed from old barns and rural structures throughout American forests, antique oak is one of our most popular woods and is created through a classic blend of American red and white oak.



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