About us

Who are we

Greenwood Timber  is an Australian Company,  We are Wood Pellets manufacturers who source materials from local and Europe products. The global wood pellet industry has grown exponentially with, as expected, Sweden and Italy in the lead. In recent years,Ukrainians have started to see the light and we are happy to be a part of a fast moving market which we believe will have a long term and sustainable part to play in our future energy mix. Wood pellets are generally made from waste biomass products such as sawdust, tree pruning’s or grass clippings. A pellet mill is used to compact the waste biomass into an incredibly dense fuel source. Our pledge to you is to supply top quality pellets using only ethically sourced biomass.

Our team has a vast experience in gardening and its the only job we do. We are focused, efficient and most importantly right next to you, located in Australia . Our main goal is to offer high-level services. Our qualities are experience, professionalism and trust. We offer complete maintenance of houses, gardens and swimming pools. A team of years of experience and trust will take care of your property 24 hours a day when you are away. We offer a full range of services to easily and conveniently choose the one who works best for you.

  • To PROMOTE, deepen and spread knowledge about the use of wood pellets for energy production
  • To ADVOCATE towards EU decision-makers the opportunities and concerns about the development of the pellet market in Europe;
  • To ensure and improve the QUALITY of the pellet sector by offering certification schemes, training and information on quality;
  • To improve pellet MARKET INTELLIGENCE in order to foster its sustainable development;
  • To encourage and facilitate NETWORKING between national associations.